Much like Mercedes is selling the X-Class in Pure, Progressive, and Power specifications, Carlex Design has given the Nissan Navara-based pickup truck Off-Road and Urban identities. Both start off as a base X-Class and then the former will set you back a cool €13,995 ($17,200) for the conversion whereas the latter is significantly more expensive, at €16,995 ($21,000).

We’d go with the more rugged Off-Road version as it looks like it could easily survive the zombie apocalypse thanks to its chunky tires and a jacked-up suspension. The fully customized exterior kit adds plastic cladding all over the body, along with bulging fenders, an engine protection cover, as well as side bars and a roof-mounted light bar to better see into the night. If you want, the aftermarket specialists will also throw in an electronic sound booster to make the exhaust sound like a throaty V8.

Although the Off-Road version highlights the X-Class’ utilitarian capabilities, it doesn’t mean the interior has to be spartan. On the contrary, Carlex Design has worked its magic to give the pickup truck a black leather upholstery nicely complemented by the carbon fiber trim with a glossy finish on the dashboard.

Should you prefer the Urban version, it’s proposes a fancier take on the X-Class with a lowered suspension and alloy wheels up to 22 inches in size. You can even add carbon ceramic brakes and that fake V8 sound we’ve mentioned earlier.

Inside the X-Class Urban, Carlex Design has installed a pair of Recaro front seats wrapped around in plush burgundy leather also seen on the door panels, steering wheel, and on top of the dashboard. This one too has been bathed in carbon fiber and has an assortment of other upgrades allowing the pickup truck to send out that premium vibe some people are looking for when shopping for an X-Class or a Volkswagen Amarok.

Source: Carlex Design

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