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Bugatti is introducing a Loyalty Maintenance Program for its Veyron supercar that will help owners maintain the condition of their car while also allowing the automaker to keep its fleet of vehicles pristine. The program is part of Bugatti’s Extended Warranty and Extended Warranty Plus program, which can reach up to 15 years. The automaker hopes the program can help reduce operating costs for owners. The car is extremely expensive to maintain.  

“The combination of a confirmed vehicle history, the Bugatti Certified warranty and individual support by Bugatti Customer Service makes the difference for Veyron owners and is more than just a seal of approval,” says Franco Utzeri, head of Bugatti Certified and Financial Services. “We are committed to providing our customers with a 360° ownership experience that is unique in the automotive world.”

To earn a Bugatti Certified seal, a vehicle goes through an inspection where everything is tested and replaced if necessary, which includes not only mechanical bits such as spark plugs but also body parts. Updates are also performed. At the end of the inspection process, a Bugatti Certified seal is awarded along with extending the car’s warranty.

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Bugatti will offer several different maintenance packages to its Veyron owners so the owner can get the package that best fits his or her lifestyle. Providing such a variety makes sense as the clientele is a very diverse group of individuals.

“Our customers use their Bugattis in very individual ways,” says Chris Kelly, head of Bugatti Customer Service. “Many owners enjoy driving their car every day while others see it as an automotive work of art in their private collection. This means that individual customers have very different expectations of service. We can now meet these expectations much more effectively, in line with our customers’ wishes.”

Several luxury automakers offer their own maintenance programs in hopes of maintaining mechanical quality across their fleet. Bugatti’s Loyalty Program is a natural step for the automaker, especially with such technical and expensive supercars.  

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