Ford has unveiled a new feature for the Send to SYNC infotainment system.

Designed to maximize convenience, the feature allows people to send Google Maps directions to their SYNC-equipped vehicle via their smartphone or computer. To do this, users visit Google Maps and find a desired destination. Once they have selected an address, they click on it, click more, and select send. After this, they select car, click Ford, and enter their SYNC TDI (Traffic, Directions & Information) account number. Once completed, the user enters their vehicle, uses the Services command, and confirms the request to download the Google Maps destination. This information is then turned into audible turn-by-turn directions for easy navigation.

According to Doug VanDagens, director of Ford Connected Services Solutions Organization, "Printing paper directions from a website is a relic in our digital age. With Send to SYNC, you can map a destination at home, at work - wherever you have connectivity - and when you get to your car, it already knows where you want to go. It's convenient and it eliminates the waste and distraction of paper maps, conserving resources while helping drivers keep their eyes on the road."

Send to SYNC with Google Maps compatibility also joins the MapQuest service which was announced earlier this year.  Set to be launched later this month, the 'Send to SYNC' feature will be free of charge.

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