U.S. electric car maker Tesla says it will be introducing an all-electric crossover utility vehicle in 2013.

Looking to expand its model lineup beyond the current Tesla Roadster and the upcoming Model S sedan, set for launch in 2012, Tesla is developing electric car products clearly aimed at a mass market.

But the Palo Alto, California-based Tesla Motors may not be as ambitious as they seem at first sight.

"The smallest effect Tesla will make will be the cars we make ourselves. The biggest effect will be the cars they [other companies] make," Tesla CEO Elon Musk is quoted as saying in an Autoblog story.

Tesla is currently in a partnership with Daimler to supply electric vehicle technology to be used in models such as the Mercedes A-Class and the Smart brand's lineup. And it seems more likely that Tesla technology will see a greater road presence in the future through a partner alliance as opposed to its own distributions.

Tesla planning new CUV model by 2013