Having the circular blue-and-white BMW logo on the hood of your new vehicle is a desirable and aspirational thing for many. For the upcoming BMW 8 Series, i8, i8 roadster, 7 Series, and X7, a new black-and-white version of the manufacturer's roundel will adorn these models’ bodies to establish their exclusivity from the rest of the brand.

All the listed models above will be categorized as BMW’s “elite models.” Along with the new hues, the company name, “Bayerische Motoren Werke,” will be written out in full to highlight the brand’s history and new “understated aesthetic.”

We’ll see the three-row X7 SUV concept soon, and we already saw the 8 Series coupe concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  

According to the carmaker, “The flagship models in the BMW portfolio embody a new understanding of luxury – one which brings together an emotionality defined by inspirational aesthetics and the joy of driving with the experience of freedom and self-determined individuality.”

Elite models are also said to have a specific customer in mind.

“For these people, life is all about making the best possible use of the time available to them,” Hildegard Wortmann, Senior Vice President Brand BMW, said in a press release. “Their motto is ‘to own the moment’ – i.e. to max out every snapshot of time with meaningful and beautiful things.”

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Beyond aesthetics, elite model owners will have access to a bespoke “mobility experience.” For upcoming service appointments, customers are eligible to have their vehicle picked up and returned to their home or workplace, for example, at no additional cost.

Having just one of these exclusive models parked in your garage also grants you access to any other vehicle wearing the black-and-white badge. If per say you currently own a 7 series, but need the extra passenger and cargo space of the BMW X7, you will have the large SUV at your disposal. Or if you want to hoon about in something a bit sportier, you can request a BMW 8 series for the weekend. BMW i8 owners will also be enrolled in the “BMW i Pure Impulse Experience” program that offers “exclusive sightseeing tours and gala dinners.”

The new black-and-white logo is set to premiere at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show on September 14.

Source: BMW

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Beyond driving pleasure: innovative luxury, BMW-style.

New brand presence to accompany premium car maker’s model offensive in the luxury segment – Focus on desirability, exclusive experiences and unforgettable moments in time

Munich. As part of its forthcoming model offensive, BMW has developed a new presence for its luxury cars that sees the profile and positioning of the most exclusive members of its range refined into a distinct product category. The upcoming BMW 8 Series and BMW X7 as well as the BMW i8 and the upcoming BMW i8 Roadster will join the BMW 7 Series in the brand’s significantly expanded luxury segment line-up. These cars appeal strongly to the heart, so they are particularly well placed to enrich the characteristic lifestyle of customers in this segment with authentic, emotionally engaging experiences. The identity and attitude shared by BMW’s elite models are echoed in a newly designed logo which combines a black-and-white version of the manufacturer’s roundel first used 100 years ago with the company name “Bayerische Motoren Werke” written out in full. The new presence for the brand’s luxury-segment models will be unveiled for the first time at the IAA Cars 2017 show in Frankfurt on 14 – 24 September 2017.

With its classical, understated aesthetic and the company’s original name spelt out, the logo highlights BMW’s inimitable history. The daring to explore standalone solutions and concepts, and the ability to take on challenges and emerge from them stronger, are deeply-rooted elements of BMW heritage. This approach – encompassing everything from the first altitude-world-record-breaking aero engine to the launch of the BMW i brand – has proven to be a recipe for success, as well as showcasing the company’s passion, confidence and gift for bringing the future into the present day. And it is also apparent in the lifestyle of a target group well accustomed to trying new things, taking the lead and choosing a free and independent path in life.

“For these people, life is all about making the best possible use of the time available to them,” says Hildegard Wortmann, Senior Vice President Brand BMW. “Their motto is ‘to own the moment’ – i.e. to max out every snap-shot of time with meaningful and beautiful things.”

Free-thinking, pioneering spirit creates progressive luxury.

Luxury in a car represents the fruit of peerless expertise in various fields of development. Authentic, compelling and, above all, modern luxury draws on a well of tradition and pioneering spirit, and is rooted in years of experience, deepening knowledge and a talent for innovation. The flagship models in the BMW portfolio embody a new understanding of luxury – one which brings together an emotionality defined by inspirational aesthetics and the joy of driving with the experience of freedom and self-determined individuality.

The ongoing development of luxury as a concept is closely linked with the numbers 7 and 8 in the BMW model scheme. The BMW 7 Series luxury saloon has served as a paragon of exclusive driving pleasure, as per the brand’s unmistakeable style, for 40 years now. Elsewhere in the range, the avant-garde, dynamic and innovative use of form, not to mention the force of technological progress, continue to shape the fascination of the BMW 8 Series, whose lineage dates back to 1989. The new 8 Series distils elegance, dynamism and luxury into the time-honoured essence of a BMW coupe. The plug-in hybrid BMW i8, meanwhile, has penned the first chapter in the future of the sports car. All in all, innovations based on ground-breaking achievements, such as the use of carbon fibre in series-produced cars, remote-controlled parking and BMW laser light, mark out the progressive character of the current family of luxury BMWs.

Inspiring experiences, unique moments in time.

BMW is focusing its attentions on the continued development of relationships with customers, on experience and emotion, and on bespoke offerings. The brand’s goal is to offer customers a special mobility experience every day, courtesy of unique and improved services. Upcoming service appointments are carried out as part of a pick-up and return service tailored precisely to the customer’s individual needs. And the specially-conceived Add-on Mobility service for luxury car customers offers unbeatable flexibility and freedom. For example, if a BMW 7 Series driver requires additional transportation capacity, they can jump straight into a BMW X7. While for the pleasure of a sporting weekend drive a BMW 8 Series will be at their disposal. Indeed, emotional added value is on hand at any time, not only through the product substance of the driver’s own car, but via services designed to open up rich experiences.

The line-up of BMW models and services for the globally expanding luxury segment is complemented by a world of experiences taking their cues from the particular requirements of a modern, international target group and extending far beyond the pleasure of driving a car. The BMW i Pure Impulse Experience programme for BMW i8 owners has paved the way for customers around the world to experience some remarkable cultural, lifestyle and travel events – from exclusive sightseeing tours and gala dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants to visits to the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, the Art Basel fair in Hong Kong and the White Turf horse races in St. Moritz.

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