The art of rolling coal goes international.

Cars emit all sorts of unhealthy hazards. There are dangerous fluids, noxious fumes, and flammable liquids, which sounds more like a recipe for a Michael Bay disaster flick once that Transformers money dries up. Sometimes people want their vehicles to emit billows of noxious black soot on purpose for no other reason than to be jerks to their fellow citizens. It’s called rolling coal, and it looks like the trend has gone international.

While rolling coal is often an American pickup truck thing, this mechanic appears to be making do with what he has. I don’t know what he’s holding up to the tailpipe before the explosion of soot covers him head to toe, but if his goal was to somehow stop the soot, he failed spectacularly. Granted, it does look like he could be holding a piece of coal up to the tailpipe. That’s not how you roll coal, but the outcome is the same. 


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It does look like the coal rolling was all in good fun, as made clear by the mechanic’s bright smile. A lot can be lost in translation sometimes – I really don’t know what’s going on here other than the mechanic gets covered in coal. You can see his smile and hear at least the camera person laughing in the background. You don't need someone to translate a smile and a laugh.

The absurdity of the soot explosion reminds me of a Wile E. Coyote falling victim to one of his dubious traps set to capture the Road Runner – he looks down the barrel of a gun, it fires, and he’s covered in gunpowder with his fur slicked backward.

While rolling coal is still a popular trend in the U.S., some states are cracking down on the issue – even though modifying an exhaust to emit soot is already illegal. Both New Jersey and Colorado have outlawed the trend. If more states outlaw the practice, it looks like there could be some acceptance worldwide. Get those passports ready.

Source: Ferris Tse via YouTube

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