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Internet nerd rage strikes again, this time against Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer who has reportedly received death threats over the whole saga with Edd China. Yeah, death threats. Over a freaking television show. The wrath of "fans" isn’t limited to Brewer, who apparently told China that his wife and daughter were also being subject to abuse. Stay classy, internet.

China's new show:

In case you missed it, China recently announced that he was leaving his co-hosting gig on Wheeler Dealers after 13 seasons. In his announcement, China said he wasn’t comfortable with the new direction the show was taking under the guidance from Velocity Channel. Word is the new management wanted less attention on the repair segments, which apparently are rather costly to produce. Being the show’s resident mechanic, China disagreed with the arrangement and elected to leave.

Yes, it’s sad for fans of the show who enjoyed the chemistry between the two hosts, but China was extraordinarily respectful and optimistic in his announcement to leave. Even his latest video – which does suggest some ill feelings exist between him and Brewer over the situation – takes a much higher road than apparently some fans of the show are able to follow.

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 “Is (Mike) my favorite person right now? Well, probably not,” said China in the video. “And I know for sure I’m not his. But that’s okay; we’re both adults and we’ll get over ourselves. We’ll get past this, and we’ll be fine.”

He also makes it clear that the two are still friends, and that any kind of abuse directed towards his former co-host and family – most certainly death threats – are absolutely uncalled for.

It would seem the particularly salty Wheeler Dealers fans believe Brewer should’ve taken a stand with China over the show’s new direction. Truth is, nobody knows what really happened there save for China and Brewer. But none of that matters because lobbing death threats against Brewer and his family are absurd, immature, cowardly, and oh yeah – against the law.

We will miss Edd China on Wheeler Dealers, but if you’re butthurt enough over a television show to resort to death threats, you have way bigger problems in your life.

Source: Edd China on YouTube via Jalopnik

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