After the XC90, S90, and V90, time has come for another new Volvo to receive the Polestar treatment.

Now a wholly-owned Volvo subsidiary, Polestar is ready to infuse more power in the all-new 2017 V90 Cross Country fitted with the D4, D5, and T6 engines. The weakest diesel is rated in its standard configuration at 190 hp and 400 Nm, but Polestar’s engineers can dial the output to 200 hp and 440 Nm. Should you want more oomph, the beefier D5 can be upgraded from the series 235 hp and 480 Nm to 240 hp and 500 Nm. If you would rather have a gasoline engine, the T6 with its 320 hp and 400 Nm can be massaged to push out 334 hp and 440 Nm.

The power gains are minor, but Polestar mentions it will also tweak the gearbox by changing its calibration in order to enable faster shifts. Volvo’s performance arm goes on to specify focus was on optimizing the rugged wagon’s mid-range capabilities since that’s what matters the most during regular daily driving. Throttle response has also been improved, while upgrades in other areas have been implemented as well to enable what Polestar describes as being “a more dynamic driving experience.”

Volvo V90 Cross Country by Polestar

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Polestar has already released similar upgrades for the XC90, S90, and V90 models, and now time has come for the V90 Cross Country to receive the goodies. Further down the line, future sporty Volvos tweaked by Polestar will feature electrification as a way to boost power and performance without affecting efficiency. Engines with more than four cylinders are not coming back, so people in the market for a fast Volvo will have to make do with four-pot units fiddled by Polestar.

As a final note, we should remind you the most powerful Volvo on sale today would have to be the  XC90 T8 Twin Engine by Polestar with its upgraded turbocharged and supercharged gasoline engine and electric motor churning a combined 421 hp (314 kW) and 502 lb-ft (680 Nm).

Source: Polestar

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