Converting the Mercedes-Benz Metris into a camper with a pop-up roof is becoming increasingly popular. The latest one to arrive is the Metris Getaway, and it's even available in Mercedes showrooms in the US.

Driverge Vehicle Innovations handles the conversion to create the pop-up roof for the Getaway. The upper area adds an expanded spot to sleep. In addition, the rear bench folds flat to create another bed. The front seats swivel around so that owners can use the central area as a lounge.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Metris Getaway

There are options to make the Getaway even better for camping. Buyers can add an awning for shade, mosquito screens for the sliding doors and hatchback, and a tent that attaches to the rear. There's also a pull-out kitchen available at the back. Solar panels are available for extended off-grid adventures.

"We are now intensifying our efforts to meet this demand in the U.S. with our compact Vito midsize van in addition to our Sprinter large van. That is why we are partnering with manufacturers like Driverge to provide the Vito as a basis vehicle for their camper van conversions. Practiced in Europe for some time, this positioning is a first for us in the US," Klaus Rehkugler, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans Sales & Marketing, said.

In February 2020, Mercedes debuted the Metris Weekenderas a factory-built version of the van with a pop-up roof. It offers sleeping space for four people, which includes two folks in the upper section. The amenities up there include a two-inch-thick memory foam mattress, three windows, and USB ports for device charging. Like the Metris Getaway, the rear bench also folds into a bed.

The company Caravan Outfitter builds its own pop-up-roof Metris that it calls the Backroad. The general concept is the same as the others with room for two people to sleep in the upper section and two in the lower area. There's a kitchen in the back with a fridge and propane-powered stovetop.

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