2017 Mercedes-AMG C43 Cabriolet Review: The Middle Way

– Phoenix, Arizona

The wealthy suburbs that surround Phoenix are perfect places to see and be seen in a Mercedes convertible – certainly the AMG GT Roadster went over quite well in that spot. Though for a pale-skinned Dutchman like myself, bringing you the full report of top-down action from under the merciless desert sun is not without danger.


Still, this was my first crack at the C43 version of the Cabriolet, having already shared reviews on the lesser C300 and mightier C63. I knew it was my duty to put my fears to the side, slather on some SPF 50, and do the hard work of driving a rip-snorting convertible for the afternoon. Thank-you cards are always welcome.





Restrained, but not plain. Steven Ewing originally described the looks of the C Cab as “70 percent” of the current S-Class, and I think he nailed it. Mercedes is doing yeoman’s work with bodyside curves these days, and the C43 benefits with a trim top-down profile that still doesn’t appear slabby or graceless. I like the look more with the top down than up, but the shape really works alright in both configurations, which is rare when it comes to four-place convertibles.

Rear seats are clutch. You’re not going to find my six-foot, five-inch body in those back seats anytime soon. But the fact that they exist adds a lot of flexibility for the occasional baby on board, or just as a place to toss your bag when you have a passenger. I may be ...