Mercedes-Benz is expanding its iconic G-Wagen lineup with a second, smaller offering – nicknamed "Little G." As the name implies, this off-roader will be a shrunken-down version of the current G-Class, so think of it as the Bronco Sport to the traditional Ford Bronco.

But most importantly, as the standard G-Class soon will have its own electric option in the EQG, this smaller G-Class will be battery-powered, too. Using Stuttgart's latest EV technology, the Little G will offer emissions-free off-roading and Mercedes-Benz levels of luxury when it debuts in the next few years.

What Will It Be Called?

Smaller Mercedes G-Class teaser

Mercedes called this the Little G when CEO Ola Kallenius officially announced it at IAA Munich 2023. Even the logo that the company showed used a lowercase "g." As adorable as it would be, Mercedes probably won't use Little G as the official name when the off-roader reaches production. The electric G-Class will use the moniker EQG when it goes public, so some variation of that three-letter nomenclature is likely for the smaller model, as well.

What Will It Look Like?

Mercedes G-Class Junior rendering by

Well, it's going to look like a G-Class – but smaller. Our rendering artists imagined what that pint-sized off-roader could look like by blending cues from the current model with a few EQ-specific elements like the closed-off "grille" with the repeating tri-star logos and illuminated accents.

As an off-road SUV, it's bound to be rugged. Plastic cladding will likely cover a large portion of the front fascia, wheel wells, and rear bumper. Off-road tires should be available too, and there may be a few other off-road-specific elements like brush guards, skid plates, and tow hooks present as well.

Mercedes G-Class Junior rendering by
Mercedes G-Class Junior rendering by

But much like the Bronco Sport, the Little G will have a unibody construction as opposed to the standard G-Wagon's ladder frame. It won't sit as high off the ground as the normal G, and it should have a much shorter wheelbase.

What Will The Range And Power Be?

The Little G would likely use the latest compact Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA) – introduced on the Concept CLA-Class – which accommodates both combustion engines and electric powertrains. On the EV side, the Little G should have an 800-volt charging capability and just north of 300 miles of range with standard all-wheel drive, obviously. Things like battery size, motor configuration, and capacity are still mysteries.

Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA-Class Exterior

When Will We See It?

The Little G is still several years away from production. Analysts predict production will commence toward the end of 2026 at the Mercedes Kecskemet factory in Hungary where the automaker builds its compact cars. The new CLA, EQA, and EQB models will all debut before the new G, as will the electric version of the full-size G-Class, which is expected sometime next year.

How Much Will It Cost?

The Little G could be half as pricey as the standard G-Class. The current G 550 starts at $141,050 in the US (with destination included) and the G63 is $180,150. Early estimates put the Little G at $55,000 to $65,000 to start.

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