Originally airing in the mid-1980s on NBC, Knight Rider featured David Hasselhoff driving a black Pontiac Trans Am that could talk, drive itself, and Turbo Boost through just about anything. It became a cultural phenomenon that still has a tremendous fan base today, and we are fortunate to have one of the most dedicated fans of them all on our humble podcast. But AJ Palmgren isn't merely a Knight Rider Fan. He's a Knight Rider Historian.

Actually, he's one half of Knight Rider Historians, working with his partner Joe Huth to literally preserve the history and legacy of the show. We aren't just talking about photos or occasional items from the set either – they own two original screen-used K.I.T.T Trans Ams, and in 2021 they managed to find the original 1980 GMC General semi-truck from the show. That investigation alone took years of perseverance, and then in 2022, a lucky tip led them to the screen-used trailer that was K.I.T.T's mobile command center.


Through their Knight Rider Historians Official YouTube channel, Joe and AJ share daily updates on the cars, the semi, and the trailer, among many other subjects. The truck and trailer are currently being restored, and the Historians are taking all of us along for the journey through their video content. These aren't items hidden from sight or farmed out to some big shop. If they can handle the work themselves, they're doing it and they film it. And we haven't even touched on the plethora of other Knight Rider memorabilia they've preserved, never mind the immense knowledge they possess.

So yes, Ramblers, this is a very special podcast. For an hour and a half, Palmgren shares his passion for Knight Rider in a positively infectious way, telling stories of how he got into the show and the moment he realized this was going to be a lifelong adventure. Of course we talk about the cars, the series, and we learn all kinds of cool Knight Rider factoids along the way. Palmgren's knowledge and passion are so thorough that he even caught himself using the wrong title for an episode that led to an early Knight Rider spinoff. For the record, "Code of Vengeance" is the spinoff and the episode is "Mouth of the Snake."

Gallery: Knight Rider Historians Screen-Used Cars

We rambled for an hour and a half, and frankly, we could've rambled all night. If you're a Knight Rider fan, you'll learn something new in this podcast. If you aren't, you will be a fan after listening. You'll absolutely want to check out their website at KnightRiderHistorians.com; they also have a GoFundMe to help with the semi-truck restoration, a Patreon account, and official merchandise for sale, all of which helps them preserve what's arguably the greatest car-themed TV show of all time.

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Rambling About Cars Preview:

We're already talking to the Historians about another podcast with both AJ and Joe, but next week we will be back to Bruce and Smith chatting about the latest automotive news. There might be a surprise or two, and it's also Smith's final podcast before he disappears for two weeks, making his big move from South Dakota to Michigan.

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