Junkyards have always been a go-to place to find parts for vehicles that might be too old or expensive to source from an auto parts store. But in the modern-day world, who wants to walk around a dirty field of cars to hunt for parts? Especially when there's eBay Motors and the eBay Motors App, which lets you browse, shop for parts and accessories, buy and sell vehicles, and connect with other enthusiasts. 

So, whether you’re completing a project car or repairing your daily driver, here are six reasons why you should buy parts from eBay instead of a junkyard.

Ease The Hunt

eBay My Garage

Tracking down parts in a junkyard is literally like searching for a needle in the haystack, but eBay lets you search for parts from anywhere including the comfort and convenience of your home. Using the eBay Motors My Garage feature makes shopping for parts quick and easy by allowing users to search for parts based on the year, make, and model of a vehicle, and searches can be further defined using powertrain options and trim levels. That's better than spotting what looks like your car in a junkyard only to have your expectations dashed when you find out it's the wrong year or trim level.


6 Reasons To Buy Parts From eBay Instead Of A Junkyard

The most convenient thing about ordering parts from eBay Motors versus going to a junkyard is that you don’t have to worry about transporting the parts yourself. Big or small, light or heavy – the parts will be shipped to your house. That includes everything from small items such as LED headlight bulbs and DIY window tint to larger items like a pickup truck cargo bed or a performance car’s long-block. Those who've tried to haul engines out of junkyard cars know what we mean here.

Finding Rare Parts

6 Reasons To Buy Parts From eBay Instead Of A Junkyard

As if finding a regular part isn’t difficult enough, try looking for a part off a rare vehicle. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to even locate a rare vehicle at a junkyard, let alone find one with many usable parts to remove. eBay literally has parts for every vehicle you could imagine. So if you’re trying to track down an unobtanium part – such as fender extensions for a GMC Typhoon – eBay has you covered!

Cross Shop Sources

6 Reasons To Buy Parts From eBay Instead Of A Junkyard

Being able to cross shop prices among junkyards is practically impossible. On eBay, though, there are numerous individuals and storefronts selling parts, which makes it simple to price shop from multiple sources. That means if you’re looking to replace the taillights on a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, there are multiple sources to acquire one. And with so many options, you can narrow down your part search to sources close to you in order to cut down on shipping expenses.


6 Reasons To Buy Parts From eBay Instead Of A Junkyard

Buying a part from a junkyard can be a crapshoot, but eBay gives you more confidence by showing how many items a company has sold along with the amount of positive feedback it's received. This type of information takes the stress out of buying parts. If you’re looking for a digital display for a 2012 Ford Escape, there are plenty up for sale on eBay, but this particular one is being listed by a source with more than 37,000 parts sold and 99.8% positive feedback.

A Guarantee

6 Reasons To Buy Parts From eBay Instead Of A Junkyard

Buying from a reputable source is one thing, but being offered a warranty makes the parts-buying process stress free because who knows how long that junkyard car has been sitting out in the weather or what happened to it to wind up there in the first place? Depending on the type of part you’re looking for and the seller you’re buying from, it isn’t hard to find eBay sellers that offer a guarantee. That’s the case with these fuel injectors, which come with a free 30-day return and a lifetime warranty.

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