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TikTok may have started out being the social media platform your nine-year-old daughter uploads silly dance videos to, but in the past couple year it's user base has ballooned to the point where everyone can find something to love. Even us car enthusiasts. 

For those not in the know, TikTok is a smartphone app where users can upload videos with a maximum length of 60 seconds. Other users can like and share your videos, as well as follow your channel. The most popular TikTok channels have millions of followers and get millions of views of per video. 

Here we have our list of the best TikTok car channels to follow, as chosen by the editors of There are surely more out there, but these are the ones we're actually following and enjoying the heck out of.


Check it out! We have our own TikTok channel! It's young, as in weeks old, so disregard the low follower count. We'll get there; it just takes time. We're uploading lots of fun videos to this new channel, including exclusive videos just for our TikTok followers, clips of cars we get straight from automakers, and any other cool videos we find and feel like sharing. Follow us and we'll make y'all proud. 

Channel name:

Followers: 39 (and growing)



This channel is run by San Antonio repoman Jose Reyna and delivers what its user handle promises: repossessions. What we particularly like is how Reyna captures his tow truck sneaking cars out of very tight locations. Think you can block the repoman by parking another car in front of yours? Guess again; Reyna will extricate it like picking a plastic bone out of Operation. And he'll do it in less than 10 seconds. A master of his craft, Reyna makes it look easy.

Channel name: @sanantoniorepoman

Followers: 36,500



Christina Roki is a car enthusiast and owner of a modified Nissan Z. Three quarters of a million people follow her on TikTok. Why? Because she's fun to watch own and upgrade her Z, and representation matters. Roki shows girls can be even bigger car fans than boys, for those who didn't already know or need to be reminded. And she does it without having to be "one of the boys." She's a car girl on her terms, and that's what we appreciate about her. 

Channel name: @christinaroki

Followers: 756,800




You know her, you love her, it's Supercar Blondie. Of course the biggest automotive influencer in the world is going to have a TikTok channel, and Supercar Blondie's has all the content you'll find on her bigger YouTube and Instagram channels plus some exclusives. The automotive world's most famous blonde has insane access to the world's rarest, most expensive, and coolest cars, which means she's a must-follow on TikTok.

Channel name: @supercarblondie

Followers: 3,600,000



As far as we can tell, Daniel Mac is the current automotive king of TikTok, with over 6.5 million followers. His schtick is stopping supercar owners on the street and asking what they do for a living. He's so popular, though, we're not sure how many are spontaneous anymore and how many are staged. Still, it's fascinating to learn what the uber wealthy do for a living (if anything at all), whether or not they went to college, and what they studied. 

Channel name: @itsdanielmac

Followers: 6,500,000



There's a popular niche of videos on social media that are designed to be relaxing to watch. Dogs being bathed. Cookies baking in an oven. A tennis ball fitting perfectly inside a Pringle's can. You can add simulated car crashes to that list. The channel @bngcrash on TikTok shows only automobile accidents simulated on a computer, but they're epic in length and the amount of damage inflicted. And they're set to music. 

Channel name: @bncgrash

Followers: 664,200




It was an easy call to include Tim Burton on this list. Otherwise known as Shmee150, Burton is "Living the supercar dream," as he likes to say. His TikTok channel complements his even larger presence on YouTube, where you'll find him buying supercars, driving supercars, and otherwise getting access to supercars the rest of us can only dream of. 

Channel name: @shmee150

Followers: 270,500



There are lots of channels on TikTok devoted to car detailing, but @maddetailing is our favorite. This channel from a detailing shop in Florida shows us the worst of the worst when it comes to cleaning cars. The before and after results are amazing, and these quick videos of the process show how far these detailers have to go to get the crud out.

Channel name: @maddetailing

Followers: 1,200,000



The @rottenbuick channel doesn't have a million followers (only a little over 30K, in fact), but what it lacks in followers it makes up in charm. It follows the pursuit of a classic car lover who has a particular penchant for old Buicks. He's constantly fixing up his fleet of old cars, selling some, buying new ones to restore, and generally living out his passion on TikTok.

Channel name: @rottenbuick

Followers: 30,200



Wrapping cars is an art form, and in our opinion, something that's best left to professionals. Chad Mfive is definitely at the top of the game. His YouTube channel shows the various jobs that come into his shop. His videos are great either because the application process is so interesting or because the colors chosen by his clients are so wild. 

Channel name: @chadmfive

Followers: 843,700



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