It's time for a winter beater battle! Episode three of Rambling About Cars is here, and for those living in the northern regions of the northern hemisphere, old man winter is probably rattling your teeth with cold winds and snowy landscapes. Bruce and Smith are here to tell you everything will be alright, especially if you embrace the joy of sloshing about in a cheap-yet-fun winter vehicle.

The first half of this week's show is devoted to the much-loved car-enthusiast pastime of browsing the internet for cheap cars with a slant on surviving winter. The Chris's go head-to-head with some expected and unexpected automotive choices, though Smith did have to stretch the rules just a bit to make it happen. He swears it wasn't cheating.


The second half of the program follows what could be a never-ending rabbit hole of opinions. What is the actual definition of a coupe? Some would say automakers have become reckless with the label – can a crossover with four doors and a comfortable back seat really be a coupe? For that matter, must a sedan have four doors? And what about muscle cars; when did the term originate? Does it apply to anything with a muscular engine? So many questions to answer, but with cars evolving at such a rapid pace, do these questions even have definitive answers? We suspect this will be a subject revisited time and again, and rightfully so.

Special shout-out to Rambling About Cars listener Nathan, who sent us a message about last week's discussion regarding Utes, touchscreens, and Smith's desire to see a smaller grille on the Genesis G80. That wish was granted, as Nathan included a tweaked G80 photo with a slightly smaller crest. Does the minor adjustment make a major impact? Compare the photos below (move the slider left for the full-size grille, right for the smaller one) and let us know what you think.

Genesis G80 Smaller Grille

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