The first production car to achieve a top speed over 200 miles per hour was the Ferrari F40 back in 1987. Like every Ferrari, it exceeded expectations by going 201 mph. These days, a 33-year-old F40 in good condition goes for considerably more than the car's original $400,000 price tag, but that doesn't mean the mythical 200-mile-per-hour mark is out of your reach. 

Since the F40 broke through, dozens more production cars have followed it, and so reaching 200 mph has become considerably more accessible in the decades since. The price of entry is now below six figures for a new car capable of this feat. 

The used car market, though, offers an even more affordable way to break the 200-mph barrier. Our research has revealed at least nine used cars under $50,000 with top speeds in excess of two bills. Incredibly, three are sedans, and a couple can be found for sale online right now under $40,000. That's right, you can buy a 200-mph car today for less than the cost of a new Toyota Camry.

Our pricing research was conducted using and its estimate for "Typical Listing Price" of a used car, as well as actual examples of these cars for sale on CarGurus

Without further ado, click above or below to begin window shopping for your ticket to 200 mph.

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