Speed costs money. And these days, 400 horsepower is pretty much the starting point for most modern speed freaks. An entry-level Mustang GT, for example, costs close to $40,000. Some may call that a performance bargain, but it’s no small chunk of change by any stretch. Even 300 horses in the modern world costs upwards of $30,000.

But $10,000 is a price point just about any gearhead can manage. A couple of years ago we created a list of 300-hp rides you could buy with that budget, and now we’re taking a fresh look with a few new guidelines. Since the average age for a used car in the United States is 11 years old, that’s where nearly all the cars on this list fall. Also, with cheap speed comes a concession in mileage: so we’re basing the prices on yearly average mileage for each vehicle.

For our purposes, that mileage figure works out to 85,000 on the clock. We turned to the experts at Kelly Blue Book for average figures, which represent vehicles in good condition selling at current retail prices. And you might be surprised by how many solid options are on this list; plenty of coupes, a few SUVs, and some even exceeding 400 hp… assuming you know where to look.

Hit the slideshow above to see some of our picks.

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