This week on a special episode of the Podcast, we revive "Editor Vs. Editor" in the search for a $15,000 fun Dadmobile. Joining Editor-in-Chief John Neff and writer Christopher Smith is former Executive Editor, and employee number one, Seyth Miersma. But in their battle, there are some stipulations.


With a $15,000 max budget, the ultimate Dadmobile must fit certain criteria. It has to have four seats, including a back row big enough for a car seat, either a manual transmission and rear-wheel drive, and/or eight-plus cylinders, and/or a convertible top. And most importantly: no Chrysler 200s or Volkswagen GTIs.

Later in the episode, the editors discuss this week’s news, including the debut of the new Mercedes-Benz GLB – a seven-seat compact crossover with rugged cues. Also, Hyundai prices its new three-row Palisade, and a shop debuts a VW New Beetle truck conversion kit.

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