Imagine you're Steve McQueen, sprinting up and down the hills of San Francisco in a Highland Green Mustang just like the movie Bullitt. What could be cooler than that? Well, that particular daydream could come true for thanks to Dream Giveaway.

But instead of doing it in just one Bullitt Mustang – you'll be able to do it in two. A pair of them is up for grabs through Dream Giveaway’s latest offer. The first is a fully restored 1968 Mustang more powerful than the one in the movie, and the second is a 480-horsepower special-edition 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt. Click here to enter to win both of them.

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Along with the two ponies, Dream Giveaway will pay $25,000 towards taxes. But it's not just about taking home two awesome Mustangs, it's also a great way to help a selection of great charities. Donations will aid New Beginning Children’s Homes, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Honor Flight of West Central Florida, Detroit Rescue Mission, Smile Network International, National Guard Educational Fund and Bright Pink in their vital work.

The 1968 car is powered by a pristine restomod 390ci V8 engine with dual four-barrel carbs and intake, a modern five-speed manual transmission as well as a new exhaust system. Other modern touches include air conditioning, independent front suspension and adjustable coilovers to tighten things up should you wish to visit the track. This pony car took no less than $150,000 to build and would look great in your garage. This Mustang isn’t for sale. Click here to enter to win it.

Bullitt Mustang Giveaway
Bullitt Mustang Giveaway

However, the classic ’Stang is only half of the prize. The new 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt takes everything that makes the understated classic cool and combines it with a modern muscle car. Its 5.0-liter V-8 engine is capable of getting this coupe to a top speed of 163 mph, more than enough to outrun that suspicious Dodge Charger that has been on your tail. This fully loaded example is also equipped with Recaro seats, Bullitt Technology Package, and Magneride Damping System, worth $3,800. All in all, this limited edition Bullitt Mustang is valued at over $50,000 and just try to find one on a Ford dealer lot. Good luck because they are sold out. Click here to enter to win both Bullitt Mustangs.

If you get goosebumps just thinking about how this pair of icons will look in your driveway, head over to the Dream Giveaway website and enter the promo code VJ1218M when donating more than $25 to get 75% more tickets as a bonus.

This article is sponsored by Dream Giveaway. Since 2008, Dream Giveaway has delivered millions of dollars in unrestricted funds to individual sponsor charities and a variety of grant recipients thanks to individual donors.

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