In an effort to woo more buyers into the lucrative used-car market, automakers have upped the bar with certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles to give used-car shoppers a new-car experience. Thorough inspections and extended warranties are a comfortable security blanket for buyers, but these cars usually cost more than similar models without a factory-backed blessing. Is the extra price worth it?

The researchers at did an in-depth study on vehicles from the 2015 model year, comparing prices of factory certified and non-certified models. The result is this list, which features the top-ten CPO cars with the lowest price increase over identical non-CPO cars, as ranked by percentage. It should be noted that a lower percentage doesn't directly equate to a lower out-of-pocket cost – a 2 percent increase on a $50,000 SUV is considerably more cash than 2 percent on a  $15,000 hatchback. This list goes from worst to first based on percentage, but for clarity we'll also mention the actual price difference with each vehicle here.

That being said, jump into the slideshow above to see what's cooking. Some manufacturers have better warranty coverage than others, but all the CPO vehicles on this list offer admirable new-car security without adding that much to the bottom line.

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