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Many action movies today rely on CGI, shaky cam, and wide-angled shots to mask mediocre action sequences. But Mission: Impossible is different. Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt first hit the silver screen in Brain De Palma’s 1996 big-screen reboot of the classic TV series, and ever since it’s been a benchmark for in-camera stunts and special effects. While the franchise had had its ups – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – and downs – Mission: Impossible 2 – it has consistently delivered thrills with Cruise famously doing the majority of his own stunts. 

And you can’t have an action movie without cars. And the Mission: Impossible franchise is full of both high-performance star cars and plenty of extras milling in the background waiting to explode, crash, or get destroyed. With six movies spanning 22 years, we’re taking a look at 10 of the coolest and weirdest cars the franchise has to offer. 

Source: Internet Movie Car Database

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