SUVs and crossovers may be all the rage these days, but large sedans have always been (and will always remain) a far more stylish choice for customers in the high-end segment. Yes, sedans are not quite as capable off the road, but they are generally prettier, lighter, more efficient, and, sometimes, roomier. Plus, they have a lower center of gravity, which is a thing we highly appreciate.

But there’s one more thing. Full-size luxury sedans are often the absolute flagships of the brands they are representing, and as such they get all the latest technologies. Even more, some of them are actually pioneers of certain high-tech engineering solutions.

That’s why the full-size flagship sedans won’t just disappear from the market and the major automakers will undoubtedly continue to put their best efforts into making them beautiful, comfortable, and tech-laden. Here are six luxury full-size sedans, each with its own unique design and tech features, making them truly awesome.

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