2018 Audi A5 Sportback Review: The Brand’s New Best

Verdict 7.1 / 10

As a brand, Audi almost never takes a step backward. Its cars and SUVs get better every year thanks to a carefully orchestrated evolution of engineering and design. Even brand new cars such as this Audi A5 Sportback – a four-door version of the A5 coupe – benefit from standing on the shoulders of many four-ringed progenitors. In fact, the A5 Sportback may be the apex of the brand’s collective wisdom; one vehicle that assumes the best of every Audi vehicle before it.

What can’t it do? The A5 Sportback’s coupe profile and rear hatch make it look as interesting and attractive as the A7 and perform both as comfortably and capably as the Q5. It also has the same suspension and engines as the A5 coupe and A4 sedan, so it offers an equally exceptional blend of ride comfort and performance. And for a German luxury car, it’s even reasonably priced and remarkably efficient.

Pricing ...