Detroit, Michigan

Reaching the best cycling roads or trails often means loading up your prized bicycle in the car and driving there, but not all vehicles make that easy. Plenty of bike enthusiasts are content to strap bike racks to their vehicles, but that introduces a number of problems we’d like to avoid: your pricey bike is exposed to weather and theft, and sticking a rack on your car burns a ton of extra gas. Ideally, we want to be able to fit a bike inside a car with no more disassembly required than removing the front wheel. Taking the back wheel off is a huge chore that most cyclists avoid unless absolutely necessary.

This week, we’re seeing how well a mountain bike fits inside a Toyota Camry Hybrid. Because a big battery pack takes up some space in the trunk, fitting our two-wheeled toy inside might be a bit of challenge. Watch the latest episode of Will it Bike? to find out whether we’re successful.

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