The Volvo S60, the oft-forgotten Swedish alternative to the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class, has reached the end of the line. The company confirmed that after 24 years in the US spanning three generations, production of the S60 will end this month.

"After five years Volvo Cars is ending production of the S60 sedan in Ridgeville, South Carolina at the end of June 2024 for the US and some other markets to focus on the all-new EX90," a Volvo spokesperson told Motor1.

Volvo S60

The third-generation Volvo S60 debuted for the 2019 model year and was the first version of the sedan produced in the US at Volvo's South Carolina facility. We saw multiple iterations of the third-generation S60 in its five-year production run, ranging from the base T5 with 252 horsepower to the performance-oriented Polestar Engineered model.

Compared to its peers, the S60 was a slow seller. Volvo never sold more than 20,000 units in the car's most successful year, and sales have hovered around 10,000 to 12,000 units annually for the past three years. Meanwhile, BMW and Mercedes-Benz both sold around 33,000 examples of its 3 Series and C-Class sedans last year.

The S60’s death will make way for a vehicle Volvo hopes will be much more profitable for the brand: The EX90. The EX90 is the automaker’s first all-electric three-row SUV and packs a sizeable 111.0-kilowatt-hour battery pack delivering up to 496 hp and an estimated 300 miles of range in the US.

The Volvo EX90 starts at $77,990. Production kicked off earlier this month, so if you want one, head on down to your local dealer.

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