To be clear, Jay Leno likes Ferraris. He says as much in this recent video from Jay Leno's Garage, and he has plenty of complements for the Purosangue, too. Is the new super-SUV good enough for him to consider buying one from a company with dealers he once likened to being a dominatrix? For that matter, would Ferrari even sell him one?

The video doesn't answer either question, but Leno does have considerable praise for the Purosangue. This particular model is owned by California-based Ferrari collector David Lee; fans will likely recognize him from previous appearances on Leno's YouTube channel with a variety of Ferraris. Right off the bat, Leno comments on the engineering that went into Ferrari's first SUV, from the ultra-tight tolerances between the brake calipers and wheels to the legroom for back-seat passengers.

He's also pleasantly surprised to see the clamshell hood open forward—something not usually found on an SUV—to reveal the front-mid mounted 6.5-liter V-12. To refresh your memory, this naturally aspirated 12 lunger generates 715 horsepower at a sky-high 7,750 rpm. The 528 pound-feet of peak torque hits at 6,250 revs, further separating this SUV from others in the segment. With a top speed of 190 mph it's not the fastest people mover out there. But it's one of only two with a stirring V-12 soundtrack.

That leads us to Leno's test drive, where he says it certainly sounds like a proper Ferrari. He dips into the throttle numerous times while noting the steering is also excellent. Meanwhile, Lee points out some of the $150,000 worth of options he selected on this Purosange. Yes, the options alone cost nearly as much as a new Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid Coupe—a sleek SUV with more power and more space, but is slightly slower with a top speed of only 183 mph. It's also not as exclusive as the Ferrari, which is currently booked solid on Purosangue orders.

As Leno explains in the video, his issue with Ferrari isn't the cars but the way the company treats its customers. However, we also learn Leno doesn't own any SUVs save for an old first-generation Ford Bronco. In other words, don't expect a Purosangue to join his collection anytime soon.

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