The only safe place to fully experience a car is at a dedicated race track. Avoid the hassle of paying for track time by simply buying Willow Springs International Raceway. The iconic racing facility is now up for sale after spending 62 years under Bill Huth's and his family's stewardship.

The 600-acre facility has seven tracks, including Big Willow, the 2.5-mile main course that retains its original configuration from 1953. The facility also houses a skid pad, a dirt oval, a kart track, and two paved quarter-mile oval tracks. What more could a car enthusiast want?

Willow Springs International Raceway

Beyond the courses, the grounds feature other buildings, amenities, and income opportunities. There are several garages, a racing school, administrative offices, dining facilities, gift shops, a dedicated fueling station with thousands of gallons of storage, RV hook-up sites, and restrooms.

The track's listing on LoopNet notes that the facility's rental rates are 55 percent below its competitors, making it very accessible to many enthusiasts. It also highlights how new ownership could transform the track to serve high-end clientele. Not that the region needs another Thermal Club.

Willow Springs International Raceway

Bill Huth bought the facility in 1962, adding tracks and improving the 600-acre plot into what you see today. He passed away in 2015, with his family operating the track after his death. Willow Springs is located in Rosamond, California, an hour north of Los Angeles. It's been open to racers since 1953.

There’s a dedicated website for Willow Springs International Raceway if you want to learn more about the property before you put a bid in.

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