Fifteen years after founding the car company that bears his name, Mate Rimac has designed his own Nevera supercar. He admits he might not have been his company’s easiest customer, but the final creation is stunning.

He decided to show off the car's carbon fiber body in all its glory, as one would hope. The car's bespoke finish has fibers that flow in a very specific direction, continuing across neighboring panels to create an unbroken flow of carbon. However, the body isn't completely devoid of color—Mate tinted the car with red with bare carbon fiber accents. He even requested the bespoke badging feature red anodization.

Mate Rimac’s Bespoke Rimac Nevera

Mate's Nevera has hand-painted Croatian flags on the side mirrors. It also has a hidden lightning motif under the rear spoiler that represents the sudden, turbulent Mediterranean thunderstorms that helped give the Nevera its name.

Mate selected asymmetrical trim inside—black on one side and red on the other. He filled the cabin with custom, hand-stitched motifs that are visible on the armrests, headrests, and knee pads. One is of Solinjanka, the girl from Solin, based on a sculpture in Zagreb's Archeological Museum.

Mate Rimac’s Bespoke Rimac Nevera
Mate Rimac’s Bespoke Rimac Nevera

"It’s kind of a crazy experience to be a customer of your own company," Mate says. "And I probably wasn’t the easiest customer either. Just like with all our customers—there was a process of co-creation; sharing ideas, evolving them, and then finally perfecting them until you have a Nevera that stands alone and speaks to you personally. The result not only looks great but it tells an important story for me."

Powering the Rimac are four bespoke permanent-magnet, oil-cooled electric motors—one for each wheel. The total output is 1,914 horsepower and 1,740 pound-feet of torque, which can propel the EV to 60 miles per hour in 1.75 seconds. The Nevera's top speed is 258 mph driving forward and 171.34 mph in reverse.

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