Fans of GM's small-block V-8 engines, heed this warning. This 6.2-liter teardown video isn't pretty. Pressing play will reveal a massive hole in the side of the block right at the start. It only worsens from there with lots of catastrophic damage inside. Once the heads come off, we understand why. The front piston on the left cylinder bank is simply ... gone.

Technically speaking, the piston is still there, albeit in pieces. Three mangled chunks and dozens of smaller bits are strewn throughout the oil pan, and frankly, we'd be hard-pressed to identify it as a piston if it wasn't coming from an engine. Mixed into the carnage are twisted piston rings and a snapped connecting rod, but curiously, the thick wrist pin—the stout piece of metal that connects the piston and rod—is nowhere to be found. Perhaps it exited the scene through that hole in the block.

The wrecked piston is the headlining act in this recent I Do Cars teardown video. The engine is an L86 V-8 from GM's LT family, and it was pulled from a 2015 Cadillac Escalade. The mileage is unknown, and the circumstances leading to its destruction are also unknown. The video theorizes that mileage wasn't excessively high based on the relatively minimal amount of varnish on the internals. It also appears reasonably well-maintained, which makes the epic failure even more of a mystery.

There are some clues, however. Bearings for the rod and main caps showed moderate to extreme wear, with one pair completely missing. That explains how the piston got so thoroughly trashed—the extra play without the bearings let the piston crash into the head. But what happened to the bearings? It's likely that some kind of oil starvation issue took place, but whatever happened, it probably started with low oil pressure warnings and a knocking sound.

Had the warnings been heeded, the engine may have been salvageable. Instead, nearly every component of this 6.2-liter LT V-8 is junk.

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