The Cadillac Lyriq was one of GM's first Ultium-powered EVs. Now it's being followed up by a smaller sibling called the Optiq. The new Optiq is about the size of the Equinox EV and shares its 85.0-kilowatt-hour battery pack with the Chevy model. Beyond that, the Cadillac is a step up in nearly every respect.

The Optiq has standard all-wheel drive and standard Super Cruise driver assist, as well as 300 horsepower and 300 miles of range—more than the Equinox EV in both respects. The Chevy has 288 hp and 285 miles of range by comparison.

2024 Cadillac Optiq

Both the Optiq and its Chevy counterpart can also charge at the same 150-kilowatt DC fast-charging speed. Their torque figures are similar as well; 354 pound-feet for the Optiq and 333 pound-feet for the Equinox. 

But visually, the Cadillac is totally different compared to its Chevy sibling. The exterior is similar to the larger Lyriq but in a more truncated package. Cadillac's signature vertical lighting elements define the front fascia, while the rear looks like a scaled-down Escalade IQ. The rear quarter glass receives geometric ornamentation, too; a nice touch we haven't seen before.

The interior is a step above even the Lyriq, which doesn't have as many unique combinations. Some of the Optiq's cabin surfaces are upholstered with 100 percent recycled yarn, while its wood accents are a 50/50 mix of newspaper and tulip wood. The interior forms likewise complement each other nicely, and the large 33.0-inch diagonal display even works well aesthetically for such a big screen.

2024 Cadillac Optiq

Standard features also make the Optiq what it is. It will be Cadillac's first vehicle to feature Super Cruise as standard, which is a big deal. Other vehicles in the automaker's lineup are difficult to get with the hands-free driving system, so adding it here will make its value clearer to cross-shopping consumers. AWD is the only drivetrain option, which the brand felt was key to offering more value over cars like the Equinox EV. A 19-speaker sound system is also standard, which is a step up from the Lyriq's standard seven-speaker system.

Overall, the Optiq seems like an appealing package, especially for the money. Cadillac estimates the starting price at $54,000. Production of the electric crossover will begin later this fall, with vehicles likely arriving at dealers soon after.

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