Automobili Pininfarina has created a new line of ultra-exclusive cars that take their styling inspiration from Batman’s civilian persona, Bruce Wayne. The two models—the B95 and Battista—feature unique design touches tailored to make you feel like the billionaire comic book hero.

Pininfarina created two trims for its two cars: Gotham and Dark Knight. Gotham cars feature tan leather upholstery, bespoke center panel quilting, and tan stitching. The other trim uses black Alcantara, black leather upholstery, and black and gold duo-tone contrast stitching.

Pininfarina B95 Dark Knight

The Gotham Battista wears Argento Vittorio gloss paint on its exterior and has a Nero Torino roof. Pininfarina backlit its iconic logo, finishing it in brushed and polished anodized aluminum. The car has 20-inch front and 21-inch rear alloy wheels with gloss-black faces and matte-black rims. The B95 wheels closely match the Battista’s, featuring matte-black inner and gloss-black outer rings.

The Dark Knight Battista and B95 have Nero Profondo exteriors and Nero Torino roofs. They also share the same ceramic-polished rims.

Pininfarina Battista Dark Knight
Pininfarina Battista Dark Knight

Each car has a 120.0-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery powering four electric motors that generate 1,900 horsepower. The B95 and Battista can fly to 62 miles per hour in less than two seconds. The displays feature Wayne Enterprises enhancements and an instruction voice modeled after Alfred Pennyworth.

Pininfarina also tweaked the Battista’s aerodynamics, giving it new tailgate shark fins, louver openings, and rear carbon wings. It also has Wayne Enterprises logos on the side skirts and roof.

Pininfarina Battista Gotham

The special Pininfarina cars are the latest in a line of new products looking to wring every bit of value out of the Batman brand. The automaker and Wayne Enterprises, a luxury brand developed by Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, will launch their partnership at and host an “invite-only, first-of-its-kind retail theatre concept” this summer where a lucky few will get to see a Battista. The site also has limited-edition jet skis, bicycles, and the iconic Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

Pininfarina doesn't how much these two Batman-themed special editions might cost, but the Battista starts at $2.2 million and the B95 costs $4.8 million. So you'll need to be as rich as Bruce Wayne.

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