Tesla doesn't break out its sales figures by specific model, so determining how many Cybertrucks it's sold is like trying to count black cats on Halloween night. But things get much more precise when the government comes knocking. A new recall for every Cybertruck built so far has revealed the automaker has delivered 3,878 electric trucks since December last year, up until April 4.

It's a minuscule amount compared to overall truck sales in the US market, but that number looks better compared to direct competitors. Tesla has only been building the Cybertruck since November, and has already delivered more trucks than Hummer EVs sold in the entirety of last year. GMC sold just 3,260 Hummer EVs in 2023, and Tesla is already outpacing it in 2024 despite the GMC's 83,000 percent increase in sales in the first quarter. GM only has sold 1,688 units through the end of March, up from two in 2023.

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Despite the polarizing looks, questionable quality, and many other issues, the Cybertruck is already threatening established models like the Rivian R1T, which sold 2,399 trucks in the first three months of this year. That number jumps to 3,562 deliveries with December 2023 sales added. But it still trails Tesla.

The Cybertruck does fall behind one electric truck in sales—the Ford F-150 Lightning. The Blue Oval reported earlier this month that it had sold 7,743 Lightnings in the first quarter of the year, an 80.4 increase over 2023, and a number Tesla is unlikely to beat.  

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If Tesla keeps its current sales pace, it will deliver around 15,500 pickups for the year. However, this new recall could stunt deliveries. The recall is due to the accelerator pedal,  which could come dislodged and inadvertently keep the accelerator pressed, increasing the chances of a crash.

The recall affects every Cybertruck built from November 13 until April 4. The cause of the problem, weirdly, was soap, which workers used to make it easier to install the pedal. It also made it prone to dislodging. Tesla implemented a fix on trucks built after April 17 and will fix already built trucks that haven't been delivered yet.

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