Once upon a time journalists, including those at Motor1, worked at centralized editorial offices. But recent years have changed our way of living, working, moving, and understanding mobility. Therefore, the way we go about creating car content has also changed.

This transition inspired us to create a new generation of offices we call the House of Motor1, inaugurated today by by our editorial group, the Motorsport Network, in Rome.

What is the House of Motor1 about? It's a place to have and share experiences, a house dedicated to the car of the future. Because we believe that the car (hybrid, electric or hydrogen, it doesn't matter) will be an undisputed protagonist of the future, thanks to the technologies that compose it. 

An Office Ecosystem

"The house is a machine for living" said architect and designer Le Corbusier. And if today's machines hunt maximum efficiency, we have done the same with our office, designed and built as an ecosystem of energy efficiency.

That means self-producing part of the energy we need to work every day (including charging the electric cars we test on Motor1.com and InsideEVs) and at the same time consuming as little energy as possible.

So we covered the roof with photovoltaic panels, installed storage batteries, and added a high-efficiency air conditioning system capable of recovering heat produced while internal air is exchanged.

Everything is networked and interconnected to the car park's charging infrastructure with "smart" charging stations that recharge the cars or, when needed, take part of the energy stored in the batteries and exchange it with the office.

House of Motor1

The entrance to the House of Motor1

House of Motor1

Charging stations

House of Motor1

Our super efficient HVAC

A Space to Talk About Changing Mobility

The first House of Motor1 was born in a special place, an old factory built in 1900 in the heart of Rome near the Trastevere district.

The building underwent a 12-month industrial recovery, which represented a challenge within the challenge both in terms of redevelopment to reduce its energy needs and for the transformation of the large internal spaces redesigned according to the needs of the editorial team.

Among other environments, we've created a studio for recording videos and podcasts as well as spaces dedicated to editing the content that feed our websites and social channels.

House of Motor1

The studio space.

House of Motor1

A traditional office with the right chairs.

Alcuni momenti della serata inaugurale
Il parcheggio di House of Motor1 durante l'opening ufficiale
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