Update: The auction has ended and this clean, high-mile CRX Si sold for $11,500. Was that too much? Not enough? Jump into the comments and let us know.

When was the last time you saw a Honda with over 300,000 miles? Okay, that happens all the time, but what about a blissful 1991 CRX Si? That's what we have here in this Cars & Bids auction – 316,553.3 to be exact per photos in the listing. That's enough mileage to reach the moon, circle the dark side, and cover a good chunk of the return trip before splashdown. But this iconic hot hatch looks like it never left the atmosphere.

Before going further, you better act fast if you want to place a bid. We caught this listing near the end of the cycle with just under four hours left in the auction as we post. If you're seeing this sometime after 1:30 pm Eastern on Friday, you'll have to email the new owner to state your case. And you'll likely need to pay more than the $6,600 high bid we currently see.

1991 Honda CRX Si With 316,000 Miles
1991 Honda CRX Si With 316,000 Miles
1991 Honda CRX Si With 316,000 Miles

That's because this CRX is remarkably clean. This would look great for a 100,000-mile car, never mind three times that amount. The auction description states it has been a California car all its life, which explains the absence of rust. It has some maintenance records, including work last October covering some key engine bits like the timing belt. Photos were snapped during the process, showing a very clean 16-valve head atop the block. A few of the 108 horses might've escaped over the years, but the CRX Si weighs less than 2,000 pounds. The driver seat also got some new upholstery around that time, but the rest of the interior appears original and it looks amazing.

What about the mechanicals? A grinding noise in the transmission is reported in first gear between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm, but it apparently still drives well. A gaggle of suspension work was done in November, and the catalytic converter was repaired in 2020. Other maintenance includes a repaint way back in 1999, but the car's original (and awesome) shade of Tahitian Green Pearl was retained.

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There are some dents and dings, and the paint around the sunroof is a bit bubbly so it's not perfect. But some folks might view these "flaws" as bits of character that make this CRX better than perfect. With such high mileage, we have no idea what the final bid price might be. But given the year, the color, the options, and the largely unmodified nature of the car, we'll hedge a bet and say it will be a surprising figure.

Care to take us up on that bet? Drop your best guess on a final bid price in the comments.

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