The chances of seeing a new TVR are slim since the modern Griffith is still a no-show more than six years later. But back when the British sports car brand was still kicking, it was making some interesting cars – this rare T440 R is no exception. A homologation special and the only surviving example, the rear-wheel-drive machine has now been fully restored and is up for grabs.

At the heart of the curvaceous sports car was a naturally aspirated 4.4-liter six-cylinder engine that made 440 horsepower and nearly 400 pound-feet. TVR touted an impressive top speed of 215 mph and a curb weight of just 2,315 pounds, making it roughly it as heavy as an ND Miata.

To keep weight in check, it had a full carbon fiber body and a carbon monocoque with an integrated roll cage. The sleek body also had a drag coefficient of 0.32, which wasn't too shabby for a street-legal car in the early 2000s. Gearing also plays an important role as far as top speed, and TVR tweaked the transmission specifically for this car.

Drivetribe had the opportunity to get a close look at what used to be the original press car owned by TVR. Jeremy Clarkson drove the very same car back in 2002 for his No Limits video released on VHS and DVD. Originally called the Tuscan R, the intent was to get the FIA's approval to enter endurance racing in the GT1 class. But it never got to race.

Drew Wheeler Sports & Classics has the lesser-known TVR model for sale and is charging £240,000 for a car that lacks ABS and traction control, although it does have power steering. At current exchange rates, it works out to nearly $306,000. Sure, you could buy a brand new sports car for that price, but there's something special about TVRs – and this T440 R with a freshly built engine and a bespoke exhaust has a lot going for it.

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