Hyundai has revealed the new Tucson in a sporty N Line flavor, and Pagani has a new video showing how the Utopia’s V12 is built by AMG.

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2025 Hyundai Tucson N Line Launched

After Hyundai Europe published images of the Tucson facelift before it officially debuted, additional photos are now available. To coincide with the market launch of the updated compact crossover in its domestic market, Hyundai is showing the N Line model. This sole image shows the discreetly modified headlights of the lesser trim levels, plus a different grille versus to the pre-facelift model.

The Tucson N Line rides on exclusive 19-inch wheels and comes with a revised front bumper. Another image shows the regular variant (with all-wheel drive) from the back for the first time. The rear might look virtually identical, but the lower lights have been redesigned since the horizontal strip has made way for a bigger cluster. The diamond-like pattern of the bumper is also gone.

Yet to be announced for the United States, the 2025 Tucson has more conventional buttons than before. In addition, the gear selector has been repositioned to the steering wheel column while the dual 12.3-inch screens take after recent Hyundai models. You won't find the H badge on the steering wheel anymore either; it's been replaced by four dots representing Morse code for the letter "H." The panel for the climate settings has been updated, and there's now a "floating" console.

The cabin should now be quieter, too. Hyundai is expanding the double-laminated glass from the windshield to the windows of the front doors. It's installing two-stage dampers at the front axle while the interior gets a chunkier floor carpet. In addition, there's more noise insulation material in the front wheel guard, the bottom section of the driver's seat, and in the B- and C-pillars.

How It's Made: The V12 Engine Built By AMG For The Pagani Utopia

Accelerated by stringent emissions regulations, downsizing is gradually killing big engines. The era of ICEs with a double-digit number of cylinders will end sooner rather than later – but Mercedes is still holding down the fort. Although a V12-powered AMG doesn't exist anymore, the twelve-cylinder monster is still available in the Maybach S-Class, the S680.

In addition, the folks from Affalterbach are producing a bespoke V12 for Pagani to power its Utopia supercar. A new video released by the Italian supercar maker shows how the twin-turbo 6.0-liter comes to life with its mighty output of 852 hp and 811 lb-ft. Better yet, this huge engine can be had with a seven-speed manual transmission. Yes, one-percenters can roll their own gears in a new V12 supercar.

It's an AMG engine through and through, hand-assembled by a single employee who signs their name as a testament of high-quality craftsmanship. Fun fact – the Utopia could've had a hybrid V8 instead. Horacio Pagani revealed last year the company had access to AMG's twin-turbo 4.0-liter engine in a hybrid configuration. That electrified powertrain would've been good for around 1,000 hp in an AWD supercar, but ultimately Pagani decided to keep the V12 and RWD setup.

The final car is lighter by having a remarkably low dry weight of 1,280 kilograms (2,622 pounds). Pagani did Nürburgring lap simulations with the heavier V8 hybrid Utopia and the math revealed it would've been about five seconds slower. In the end, the lighter and faster V12 model prevailed.

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