Tesla refreshed the Model 3 earlier this year and Tesla will launch the potent Performance variant of the refreshed Model 3 soon, a representative for the company told CarSales.com.au last week. The automaker said that the Model 3 Performance would arrive in the first half of next year and be something "special."

The automaker told CarSales.com.au that it hadn't fully realized the car's potential with the first iteration, and it hopes to rectify those misses with this updated model. The current Model 3 Performance can already hit 60 miles per hour in 3.1 seconds while offering up to 315 miles of range on a single charge.

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The Model 3 Performance should also look distinct from the rest of the lineup, likely featuring unique styling and wheels. It's possible the new model could also have even bigger brakes, better performance tires, and tailored software that puts all of the car's power to effective use.

Pricing for the new Model 3 Performance is a mystery, but for some context, the current model starts at $52,380, including a $1,390 destination charge. Tesla's prices fluctuate, so it's unclear just how much more the updated version will cost right now.

We suspect the new Model 3 Performance will be a solid addition to the lineup. Tesla revamped the sedan in August, giving the rear-wheel-drive and long-range variants a stylistic refresh by updating the fascias and cabin. The new look should proliferate to other trims and powertrain configurations.

With the refresh, Tesla increased the Model 3's range but left the performance figures unchanged. The refreshed long-range model can reach 62 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds, propelling passengers in a refreshed interior with new ambient lighting, acoustic glass, and improved soundproofing. The massive display remains the same size, but it has slimmer bezels for additional screen real estate. We expect the Performance's interior to look nearly identical. 

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