The Bugatti Bolide marks the last hurrah for the Chiron platform. It's limited to 40 examples worldwide and costs $4.7 million, which makes it one of the most expensive new cars ever built. The bad news is that it's already sold out, but for the lucky few who did manage to snag a build slot, the Bolide has an extravagant cabin to go with its outrageous looks.

Bugatti is giving us a first production-spec glimpse inside the Bolide at its lavish-yet cockpit-like interior. At the helm is what Bugatti dubs an "X-shaped" steering wheel (or, a yoke) to match the Bolide's unique taillights, while a digital instrument cluster offers readouts for things like lap times and G forces.

Bugatti Bolide Interior

The four "exhaust" pipes jutting out from the dash on either side of the console are actually air conditioning vents and provide another nod to the Bolide's back end. There's a bank of buttons for basic functions in the center console as well, including two big red buttons at the base that read "Stop" and "Fire" – you know, just in case.

The sport seats are laid directly onto the monocoque chassis, which helps keep the weight down, while owners can select from four different sizes depending on their body type. The steering wheel and pedals are adjustable in this case instead of the seats.

Bugatti Bolide Interior

Blue Alcantara covers most of the cabin and wraps around the driver and passenger on the door sills. There's a healthy heaping of exposed carbon fiber, too, specifically on the center console, dash, and portions of the door panel.

It's a beautiful cabin for an already outrageously pretty hypercar.

Gallery: Bugatti Bolide Interior

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