Michael Fux has more than 100 cars in his collection, and as of this week, at least 15 of those vehicles are Rolls-Royces. As one of the most avid car collectors in America, Fux is adding a Spectre to his fleet – the very first one delivered in the US and just his third electric vehicle.

"So now I have three electric cars," Fux tells me during the delivery event in Miami. "I have this one, the Hummer, and I have a Tesla Plaid." Fux was also slated to be the owner of the first Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne in the US – a dramatic EV from Italy – but the car was never delivered.

First Rolls-Royce Spectre Michael Fux

As far as Rolls-Royces go though, Fux has a garage (or five, probably) full of customized vehicles ranging from an orange Cullinan and a Blue Candy Dawn to a Green Jade Pearl Wraith. He even has his 12 named bespoke colors, including his most popular, Fuxia. But this Spectre is surprisingly subdued; it has a subtle Tempest Grey exterior, standard seven-spoke, 23-inch wheels, and a white leather interior with yellow piping.

But don't worry, this won’t be Fux's only Spectre. Since he wanted to be first in the US, this cars is merely a fill-in until the factory can finalize his custom spec, which should be done at the end of 2024. He tells me he's working closely with Rolls on the details – "It'll be outrageous," he laughs.

First Rolls-Royce Spectre Michael Fux
First Rolls-Royce Spectre Michael Fux

Even though this is just his third EV, the Spectre is by far Fux's most expensive. The battery-powered Rolls-Royce starts at $422,750 and only gets pricier with options (one can only imagine what his custom car will cost). The Hummer EV Edition 1 is just over $112,000 by comparison, and the Model S Plaid costs about $91,380 before incentives.

And he's lucky to be the first. Outgoing CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos confirmed in an interview with InsideEVs last year that the wait list for a Spectre is at least 15 months. So customers interested in owning one will have to wait at least until 2025.

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