Many of us spend eight hours at an office whereas the workday of a Lamborghini factory driver is far more exciting. Squadra Corse driver Andrea Caldarelli put the Revuelto through its paces in Italy at the Autodromo Piero Taruffi in Vallelunga, located in the hills north of Rome. Like the Aventador before it, the latest flagship raging bull still rocks a naturally aspirated V12 engine providing the video's wonderful soundtrack.

Caldarelli – who will pilot the new Lamborghini SC63 during the 2024 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship – had great things to say about the mighty 6.5-liter engine sitting behind him. He also praised the Revuelto's gearbox, an eight-speed, dual-clutch mounted transversally. To be installed in the Huracan’s successor as well, this new DCT delivers smooth gear changes while the electric motor mounted above it offers an extra boost the preceding models didn't have.

Lamborghini Revuelto track test at Vallelunga

Caldarelli says the all-new transmission "makes it possible to engage gears with lightning speed." With the Revuelto driven at full tilt in Corsa mode, it used all its 1,001 horses. However, the car also has a fully electric mode and has zero emissions when you reverse. Lamborghini has installed a total of three electric motors since aside from the rear one, there are two more mounted at the front, one for each wheel.

The electrified supercar from Sant'Agata Bolognese is already a smash hit since Lamborghini has said it has enough orders to keep busy well into 2025. It looks as though the implementation of a plug-in hybrid system to comply with increasingly stricter emissions regulations hasn't deterred customers. That's not all too surprising since the Revuelto still has a twelve-cylinder engine in 2023 when the automotive industry is all about downsizing.

Lamborghini currently sells its crown jewel strictly as a coupe, but a roadster is a matter of when rather than if. With demand being this high, the exotic Italian marque is in no rush to diversify the lineup. Time will tell whether there are going to be as many limited-run special editions as was the case with the Aventador.

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