A ten-year-old in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, had an exciting evening. He stole a Bobcat skid steer loader from a construction site and drove it down a road, hitting multiple cars. He also knocked down a chainlink fence. To make the scene even wilder, the kid was wearing a construction helmet and was armed with a BB gun.

The incident happened around 7:30 PM local time on Monday, September 25. The kid reportedly initially just drove around the construction site before going onto the road.


The photos above show some of the damage from the kid's joyride. KDKA CBS News Pittsburgh reported that it wasn't clear how many cars the child damaged. Police responded to the call and took the child into custody. The cops released the boy to his family.


The video above is a first-hand account of what happened from a woman named Mary who called into a local radio show. She said it sounded like a big truck coming down the road. The kid hit her fence – possibly the same damaged one in the embedded tweet above. Mary's daughter ran out to stop the child, and the kid pointed the gun at her. It apparently looked like a real firearm despite shooting BBs.


The incident didn't result in any injuries, but some of the cars had to be towed away, according to KDKA News Radio. The kid's family were reportedly "irate." That's an understandable response, given that the parents are potentially liable for paying for the damage to the vehicles and property.

Motor1.com reached out to the Mount Lebanon Police for more details about what happened. We'll update this story when more information is available.

Folks on X (formerly Twitter) responded to the bizarre incident with multiple jokes. Some of the better ones included, "All that Bob the builder training finally paid off." Another was, "Glad he's following workplace safety rules with the construction hat."

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