BMW unveiled the new 5 Series for the North American and European markets in May this year and the automaker now debuts the version of the premium sedan for the Chinese market. Together with the i5, the new 5 gains some features that are exclusive to the People’s Republic and both models will be assembled at the Dadong plant operated by the BMW-Brilliance joint venture.

With a length of 199.2 inches, the 2024 5 Series is already longer than its predecessor but for China, the sedan will be sold only as a long-wheelbase model. Unfortunately, BMW doesn’t provide information regarding its dimensions but considering the previous generation 5 Series Li was around 5.1 inches longer than the standard model, the 2024 version is probably around 204 inches long.

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The increased length affects positively the vehicle’s wheelbase and as a result, there’s more legroom for the passengers sitting at the back. This is not the only improvement over the standard 5 Series, though – China also gets a 31.1-inch panoramic display with 8K resolution and 5G connectivity, borrowed from the range-topping 7 Series. Other features available for both the combustion-powered model and its all-electric sibling include a four-zone climate control and Bower & Wilkins premium audio system.

The China-spec model isn’t left untouched on the outside, too. While the new LED headlights and contour lighting of the kidney grilles at the front aren’t new, the model gets a market-exclusive illuminated “5” as standard. It sits in the area of the Hofmeister kink on the C-pillar and pulses in light blue on the i5 when the vehicle is charging. On the 5 Series with a combustion engine, the number lights up in white.

BMW will have the new 5 Series family on sale in China soon. Since the start of the local production of the sedan, more than two million units have been delivered to customers. From 2020 to 2022 alone, some 530,000 cars were sold to customers in the country.

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