After 28 years in a barn, it's time for this 1965 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE coupe to receive a much-needed wash. After all of the hard work, the classic coupe looks gorgeous.

When new, this car was allegedly on display at either the New York or Chicago Auto Show. It has a black body with a sunroof and a red leather interior. The engine is a 2.2-liter inline-six.

As usual, the first step is to rinse off the body to see the body's actual condition. There are a few paint chips, but otherwise, the classic Mercedes looks fantastic. Polishing the black paint brings back the shine.

The carpets and some door panels are in the trunk. The pieces are a bit frail, so WD Detailing doesn't use the pressure washer on them like usual. Instead, the cleaners first use compressed air to clear off the debris and then a sprayer with soapy water.

The final step is shining the exterior trim, like the grille and bumpers. Some polish removes the pitting and makes the metal shine again.

The owner fires up the engine at the end of the video. After a bit of cranking, it roars to life, which is impressive after sitting for so long. The car seems to run well. The guy is even able to drive the Mercedes away, which is impressive for a vehicle sitting in a barn since 1995.

Today, Mercedes is rapidly transitioning into an electric automaker. It should be interesting to see if those products have the longevity of cars like this one. Models like the EQS and EQE point the way forward. They feature high-capacity batteries that allow for long driving distances between charges. Plus, there are even more on the way. For example, the EQG is coming in late 2024 to add an off-road-capable EV to the lineup.

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