The HondaJet began deliveries in 2015, and now Honda announced a significant expansion to the range by introducing a new, larger aircraft in 2028. The plane maker doesn't yet have a name for the new offering, but it's targeting the ability to fly non-stop across the United States.

The new plane will be a production version of the HondaJet 2600 Concept (pictured below) from 2021. The company will sell the larger aircraft alongside the existing HondaJet Elite II. Like other offerings, Honda mounts the engines on pylons above each wing, which is an unconventional design for business jets.

HondaJet 2600 Concept Flying Front

Honda intends the new jet to have 20 percent better fuel efficiency than other planes in this segment. It would have 40 percent better economy over larger, medium-sized business jets.

The plane can over 2,625 nautical miles (3,021 miles) with four passengers and a pilot on board. This is significantly more than the HondaJet Elite II that can go 1,547 nautical miles (1,780 miles) in the same configuration.

The upcoming jet would fit up to 11 occupants, and a single pilot can fly it. In comparison, the HondaJet Elite II fits seven or eight, depending on the configuration.

The aircraft would cruise at 450 knots (518 miles per hour) and an altitude as high as 47,000 feet. The HondaJet Elite II cruises at 422 knots (486 mph) at up to 43,000 feet.

"The new aircraft will surpass the performance, comfort, and efficiency of typical light jets by providing a medium-sized jet experience," the Honda Aircraft Company said in the announcement.

The table below shows what we know about Honda's new plane and compares the specs to the HondaJet Elite II:

  Upcoming Honda Aircraft HondaJet Elite II
Engine Williams International FJ44-4C GE Honda HF120
Avionics Garmin G3000 Garmin G3000
Passenger Capacity

1 Pilot, 10 Passengers

2 Pilots, 9 Passengers

1 Pilot, 6 Passengers

2 Pilots, 5 Passengers


1 Pilot, 7 Passengers

2 Pilots, 6 Passengers

Range With Pilot And Four Passengers 3,021 Miles 1,780 Miles
Maximum Cruising Speed 518 MPH 486 MPH
Maximum Cruising Altitude 47,000 Feet 43,000 Feet

The HondaJet 2600 Concept debuted in Las Vegas in 2021. Even then, the company touted the aircraft's ability to perform non-stop, coast-to-coast flights. The business also projected 120 cubic feet of baggage capacity versus 62 feet from the HondaJet Elite II.

The video below is from the 2600 Concept's debut and provides a glimpse at the interior.

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