No one likes getting a speeding ticket, but we suspect Finnish businessman Anders Wiklöf is smarting after getting his recent citation. The staggering fine was the equivalent of $129,400 (121,000 euros).

Wiklöf was traveling 51 miles per hour (82 kilometers per hour) in a 31-mph (50-kph) zone. He told the Nya Åland newspaper that the road switched from a 44-mph (70-kph) limit down to 31 mph. He claimed he was slowing down, but not before the police caught him speeding.

"I really regret the matter and hope that the money is in any case used for healthcare through the treasury," he said in a translated quote to Nya Åland

If you're wondering how doing 20 mph over the limit results in a nearly $130,000 ticket, it's because Finland charges speeders in accordance with the person's income. Wiklöf is among the country's wealthiest citizens.

In addition to the fine, the authorities suspended Wiklöf's driver's license for ten days.

"But I have heard that they are going to save one and a half billion on healthcare in Finland, so I hope that the money can fill a gap there. Ideally, I would like them earmarked for that purpose," he told Nya Åland.

Wiklöf controls 100 percent of the Wiklöf Holding company that runs over 20 businesses in the logistics, construction, helicopter services, real estate, trade, and tourism sectors. According to its website, the company had a turnover the equivalent of $264 million (247 million euros) in 2020 and an operating profit of $11.7 million (11 million euros).

Wiklöf has a history of having a lead foot. He received a $106,000 (95,000 euros) fine in 2013 and a $68,000 (63,680 euros) citation in 2018, according to the newspaper.

Wiklöf has a long history with cars. He started his business career in 1969 by importing German vehicles into Finland. In addition to automobiles, he built an extensive art collection. He also has the Anders Wiklöf Institute for Heart Research for improved prediction and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In 1989, he founded The Baltic Sea Fund to protect the environment there.

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