The Aston Martin DBX707 doesn't need any help going fast. For that matter, it doesn't necessarily need extra visual punch to identify it as one of the superest super SUVs currently available. However, the folks from Gaydon are proud of this year's ongoing success in Formula One with the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant team. That's the basis for the green machine you see here, called the DBX707 AMR23 Edition.

We'll establish this right away – we are dealing with an appearance package only. And that's just fine, since the DBX707 is already the world's most powerful combustion-powered SUV thanks to its 697-horsepower boosted V8. Plant the accelerator, and the people mover can reach 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. Keep it planted and you'll see 193 mph, officially making it the fastest SUV you can buy in terms of top speed.

Gallery: Aston Martin DBX707 AMR23 Edition

That's a good place to start for an F1-based special model. In creating the DBX707 AMR23 Edition, the luxury brand turns to its in-house Q by Aston Martin group for a bespoke exterior paint color called Podium Green. The darker shade is highlighted by lime green accents, and if it looks familiar, you've likely seen the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 car in action. The color scheme borrows from the racer, and it's also shared with the DBX707 medical vehicle, serving as F1's official medical machine.

Look closely at the fenders, and you'll see a special Q by Aston Martin badge identifying this SUV as something special. Behind the wheels, you'll find massive brake calipers finished in Racing Green. There are more special touches inside thanks to lime-colored contrast stitching. It weaves its way through a two-tone interior featuring black and green, with Aston Martin logos stitched in lime on the seat headrests. Carbon fiber trim is scattered about the cabin, and on the door sills, you'll find the AMR23 logo.

"The AMR23 Edition takes DBX707 to a new level of intensity, creating a stand-out ultra-luxury SUV with incredible road presence," said Alex Long, Aston Martin's head of product and marketing strategy. "It is a real pleasure to offer this special edition in celebration of the recent successes of our Formula 1 team."

The DBX707 AMR23 Edition is available now for order. Aston Martin doesn't mention production numbers or pricing, but the standard DBX707 starts at $232,000.


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