About a week ago, McLaren unveiled the 750S as a refreshed and refined version of the 720S. It arrived with more power than its predecessor and about 30 percent new or modified components, which is impressive for a mid-cycle facelift. If you liked what you saw in the first official images, now you can play with the supercar’s official online configurator.

Starting with the colors, you can choose from five standard hues and five optional ones, including the new Orum finish. In terms of the interior, an Alcantara combination is now standard with two additional specifications available, TechLux and Performance. The first uses Nappa leather throughout the cabin, while Performance combines leather and Alcantara.

Gallery: McLaren 750S

Next thing – the wheels. There are three wheel options with a few different finishes for each one. There are 10 different colors available for the brake calipers and 3 tire options. You can also order a track brake upgrade and titanium locking wheel bolts, which summarize all the options in the brakes and tires category.

There are more exterior touches you can add. For example, the hood and active rear spoiler can be finished in a different color from the main body hue. The exhaust finishers, bumpers, front fenders, and other components, in turn, could be produced with a carbon fiber finish.

You can also customize the interior of the supercar. In addition to the specifications mentioned above, there are interesting features such as a double-glazed engine window, a titanium harness bar, and OEM floor mats. You can also select one of three available steering wheel trim options.

Regardless of the exterior-interior combo you go for, the 750S always comes with a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. It is good for 740 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, channeled to the rear wheels through an updated seven-speed sequential gearbox with a shorter final drive ratio.

McLaren wants at least $324,000 (without transportation and port processing fees of $5,000 or the $2,240 Americas Accessory Pack) for the 750S Coupe, while the starts at 750S Spider costs $345,000.

Check out the source link below for the online configurator.

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