Following rumors of a Cadillac Lyriq-V being developed, we have a new set of spy photos capturing a curious-looking Lyriq in public with some strategically placed camouflage. However, it's not hard to identify performance-oriented bits that point to this being a test vehicle for a new Lyriq-V.

Let's start at the front. Camouflage doesn't hide the slight design change of the lower fascia, which notches up slightly at the bottom. Camo wrap also doesn't hide the mesh pattern in the lower openings, something not seen on the standard Lyriq but is common on V-series vehicles. Along the side, camouflage wrap appears to hide nothing at a glance, but there's a subtle addition to the rocker trim that's carried to a redesigned rear fascia. You'll have to look very closely at the center of the fascia, but doing so reveals vertical ridges resembling a faux rear diffuser. This is also something you won't find on the standard model.

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Beyond that, this test vehicle wears a black finish that's conspicuously devoid of chrome trim. That alone isn't a smoking gun, as we often see prototype vehicles dressed down for testing purposes. However, combined with the visible changes on this Caddy, a lack of chrome would be a perfect fit for a V model. And lest we forget, recently there was an alleged leak of the Lyriq-V model name on an official Cadillac website. The model name was removed not long after contacted Cadillac about it, with a spokesperson declining to comment on the possibility of a Lyriq-V in the making.

If Cadillac is prepping a high-performance Lyriq – and the evidence points in that direction – it should offer at least some kind of power increase. In rear-wheel-drive form, the Lyriq uses a single electric motor good for an estimated 340 horsepower but a V model would almost certainly go all-wheel drive. That starts at 500 hp, and our spy sources believe a Lyriq-V could stretch to that to 600 hp or more.

Clearly, Cadillac is up to something with the Lyriq and we don't think an official announcement is far away. It could happen as soon as a couple of weeks in conjunction with the 2023 New York Auto Show, but a debut later in the summer is also a possibility.

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