The Zenvo Aurora is the Danish brand's upcoming, V12-powered hybrid hypercar that it is now teasing. The reveal is in August. The automaker only plans to build 100 of them, and 30 percent of the intended production run already has reservations

The Aurora will use a 6.0-liter, twin-turbo V12. Buyers will be able to select a Tur variant that will be a road-focused grand tourer with a top speed of over 249 miles per hour (400 kilometers per hour). The Agil version will have a more aggressive body and track-focused tuning.

According to a previous report, the engine would have two electric turbochargers. The output of just the engine would allegedly be 1,200 horsepower, and the hybrid system's electric motor would boost the total figure to 1,800 hp.

Zenvo will build its own gearbox with an integrated hybrid unit for the Aurora. The chassis will consist of carbon-fiber components for the monocoque and subframes.

"This car has come from the passion that runs deep in the Zenvo family and very much aligns with our ethos of 'smiles per mile.' 2023 is going to be a truly exciting year," said Zenvo’s chief commercial officer and chairman of the board Jens Sverdrup. 

The company says there are "high-profile commercial partnerships" as part of this project. Zenvo will reveal more details about this closer to the model's launch. The automaker will homologate the Aurora so that it will be able to sell the vehicle worldwide.

Gallery: 2023 Zenvo TSR-GT

The Zenvo TSR-GT (pictured above) was the brand's last new vehicle launch. It was a hotter version of the earlier TSR-S. This one focused on reducing the drag to achieve a higher top speed. The tweaks included a longer rear wing and aero discs on the wheels. The 5.8-liter, twin-supercharged V8 put out 1,360 horsepower, allowing for an electronically limited top speed of 263 mph. Zenvo planned to make just three of these models, with deliveries starting in the third quarter of 2023.

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