Volkswagen has something brewing with the Atlas. A teaser posted to social media suggests a refresh or possibly something more is coming soon, and we mean very soon. VW promises a first look at the new "Atlas family" on February 9, which is less than a day away as this post publishes. The wording suggests changes are coming to both the Atlas and the Atlas Cross Sport.

Considering we haven't seen camouflaged prototypes or heard rumblings in the rumor mill, the teaser is something of a surprise. Shared on Facebook, we see the recognizable nose of the Atlas, albeit lit up with LED running lights surrounding the grille and headlights. A very close look into the darkness suggests a redesigned lower fascia with narrower corner vents. The elements in the headlights look different, too.


Meanwhile on the inside, a single teaser image tells us the Cross Sport will see colorful updates on the dash. What appears to be an LED light pattern with Cross Sport branding is prevalent on the passenger side, though that could simply be a trick of the camera to make it appear illuminated. It's difficult to tell if we're looking at a modified version of the current dash or something new. 

We aren't entirely sure if VW is planning to unveil a facelift or a next-gen model. We think it's a facelift, as the Atlas Cross Sport debuted for the US market in 2020. A mid-cycle refresh fits perfectly for the 2024 model year, but here's where things get a bit murky. The slightly longer three-row Atlas is closer to the end of its generational lifespan, having debuted in late 2016 with a mid-cycle refresh coming in 2020 at the Chicago Auto Show. While VW's new teaser doesn't specifically mention the 2023 show, a February 9 debut falls on media day for the event. That can't be a coincidence.

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Lastly, don't forget about the updated VW Teramont X that debuted for China in July 2022. This is China's version of the Cross Sport, and we certainly see similarities to the teaser photo, namely with the headlights and illuminated badge. The Teramont didn't include powertrain changes, so that's more evidence to suggest we're looking at an update versus a new generation for both Atlas models.

Our questions will be answered very soon, so check back with for the latest VW news and more surrounding the 2023 Chicago Auto Show.

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